Titoli di Studio e Corsi di Specializzazione
1979 - Laurea in Geologia presso l'Universitŗ di Pisa, con Lode.

Independent Consultant

Curriculum Professionale
I joined AGIP in May 1981, and I worked for five years in geothermal exploration dept as expert in hydrothermal systems.
Since 1986 I Ďve been involved as petrophysicist in field operations, field studies and R&D projects developing an innovative interpretation methodology in thin beds reservoirs. In Agip Oil - Tripoli, Libya as senior petrophysicist for two years. Then Iíve been involved in the Integrated Formation Evaluation of fractured carbonate fields (Southern Italy).
In 2000 I moved to Agip Tunisia B.V. in Tunisi as operation geology manager for two years. Then Iíve coordinated several integrated fields studies (North Sea and Adriatic Sea).
Since 2003 Iíve been involved as specialist in several field studies in Astrakhan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Australia and Norway.
From May 2003 to September 2006 Iíve been in charge of Petrophysical Labs. I participated as petrophysical advisor in integrated teams for unitization, internal peer review and data rooms.
I was member of educational committee of the Petroleum Engineering Division in Eni and I was involved as a teacher in several educational plans dedicated to young resources inside the company (Eni Corporate University) and outside (Milan, Trieste, Perugia, Padova and Rome La Sapienza Universities, and Polytechnic of Turin).
Author of several (25) scientific papers and responsible of several R&D projects in ENI E&P Division the last of these were dedicated at advanced reservoir characterization 3D in complex geometries and in unconventional reservoirs.
I gained SPE award in area of Formation Evaluation for South Central & East Europe in 2011, in the same year I won the Eni award in the innovation techniques for Thin Layer Analysis and Characterization. SPE and SPWLA member.
Senior Advisor Petrophysics in the Reservoir Characterization department of Eni from 2007 up to 2011.
I left Eni at the end of 2011.

Principali Attività Svolte
Since 1981 petrophysicist for ENI (formerly AGIP SpA).