ATCE Florence 2010
Local Committee SPE/EAGE for Roma 2008
ATCE 2007-09 ( Stimulation Commette)
Europec Milano 1996
OMC 1995 and 1997
European Production Conference 1994 and 1996
Formation Damage Conference 1995 -2008

Lingue Conosciute
Italian level: Native
English level: Good

Conoscenze Informatiche

Titoli di Studio e Corsi di Specializzazione


1/1/11 to day Independent Petroleum Consultant
1/7/07 31/12/10 Knowlegde Owner ENI – prod optimization
1/1/01 30/6/07 Senior Professional ENI – prod optimization
1/1/98 31/12/00 Senior Professional ENI – well operations
1/1/ 95 31/12/97 Manager ENI – prod laboratories
1/1/93 31/12/94 Senior Professional ENI - reservoir management
1/1/87 31/12/92 Manager ENI – production R&D
1/1/84 31/12/86 Senior Production Engineer ENI – production dept
1/1/83 31/12/83 Senior Production Engineer ENI – Agip Nigeria
2/10/79 31/12/82 Production Engineer ENI – production dept
1/1/77 1/10/79 Production Manager PARMA Petrochemical plant

Curriculum Accademico
Production Optimization Lesson – “Master in idrocarburi” course at Turin University 2010
Fracturing Lesson - course at Turin University 2012 and 2013
Production System - one week course – in Almaty and Tripoli since 1999 up to 2010
Horizontal Well Technology – one week course – 2000 Baghdad, 1999 Teheran, 1994 Aberdeen
Production Enhancement – three days course – for Eni Corporate University since 1985 up to 2010
Production Optimization – “Diploma in idrocarburi” course at Bologna University 1993 until 96
Petroleum Operations – three days course for ENI’s no technical staff since 1990 up to day

Curriculum Professionale

Sand-Frac Modeling (first European Frac model JIP leader Maurice Boutecŕ IFT – France1986)
Acid-Frac Modeling (first model including acid-gel etching JIP leader Tony Settari – Canada 1988)
HP HT Coiled Tubing (first worldwide CT 10.000 psi WP with Nowsco – Canada 1987-90)
Wax deposits removal with high thermal reactions (first worldwide N-situ treatment with Baker USA)
Prediction and removal of Asphaltenes deposits (new solvent OLG with EniTecnologie Italy)
Inhibitor of Asphaltenes deposits (first worldwide formation inhibitor squeeze with Petrolite USA)
Geothermal Wells: Stimulation Treatments for Production Optimization (EC project)
Extreme Overbalance Perforation (induced fractures method with Schlumberger -USA)
Expert System for Matrix Stimulation (eni 1988 -90)
Expert Systems for Production Optimization (eni 1992-94)
Teleperf (new sand control device JIP leader Baker – USA 2003-05)
Near Wellbore Unconventional Stimulation ( Field test using electrical stimulation with Earth Physical Institute –Moscow 2002 -2005)
Reservoir Unconventional Stimulation (field test using acustic waves with Schlumberger –Moscow 2007-2010)
Shale Gas Operations ( Field test – eni 2009 -2010)
Horizontal Well Construction (initial horizontal multi fracturing Agip Petroleum – USA 1988)
Proppant flow black (JIP leader Fracture Tech -UK)
Ball Sealers in Horizontal Wells (JIP leader BP -UK)
Profit (JIP leader Statoil – Norway)
EOR treatment with CO2 (EC project)
New Hydrate Inhibitors and Hydrate Reservoir Evaluation (eni 1995-97)
Water e gas shut off treatment using new gel chemical (with Eni –Tecnologie Italy)
Blow-out and Well Control Scenario Simulation (with TEA - Pisa University Italy 2002-05)
Low permeability Oil Formation (Horizontal Multi Fracturing Treatments – eni 2006-2010)
Jetting Perforation (Multi Fracturing applications Treatment – eni 2008 -2010)
Radial Drilling ( Field Application – eni 2009 -2010)


SPE member since 1987.
SPE Italian Board Director from 1991 up to 2011; serving as Program Chairman – Membership Chairman – Young Engineer Development Chairman - Director
Editor board member of Italian SPE Section Bulletin since 1989 up to day
Chairman of EUROPEC 2008 – Rome
Committee member “SPE Regional Awards” in 2013
Committee member for Europe and Asia Forum Organization 1990-93.
Chairman of Paper Student Contest SPE Region X 1996 and in the Committee in 2013
Committee member SPE “Production” dal 1997 al 2000
Committee member SPE “Development Young Engineers” from 2001 until 2004
Key note speaker open section Formation Damage Conference – The Hague 2003
Committee member PEA “Water Management” 1992 -1996
Committee member PEA since 1990

Principali AttivitĂ  Svolte
In ENI as Senior Professional & Knowledge Owner in Production Optimization Mauro concentrated on different directions:
- Innovation and R&D (*) for the Production Optimization Technologies
- Technical support worldwide to the Business Areas during the phases of feasibility, design, bid, field execution and operation supervision for the main projects in development or in production phases
- Development standard and best practices inside the company
- Development of young human resources as tutor and teaching
- Help the management at Eni headquarters of the Petroleum Engineers professional family (about 150 human resources)
- Technical responsibility inside the Eni Emergency Team

Beyond Acidizing and Fracturing – 2003 - SPE
Simulation and System Design of Dynamic Killing Technique – 2004 - SPE
Advances in matrix stimulation technology -1993 - JPT
Real Data On-site Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Generates Optimum Procedures for Job Design and Execution -1993 - SPE
Fluid Implementation of Proppant Slugs to avoid Premature Screen Out of Hydraulic Fractures – 1993 - SPE
Development and First Operation of an HP-HT Coiled Tubing Unit - SPE
Optimization of matrix stimulation treatment -1990 - Overseas Technical Services (book)
An Effective Matrix Stimulation Technique of Horizontal Wells -1992 - SPE Europec
Horizontal Well Stimulation -1993 - PEA
Optimization of Matrix Stimulation Treatment -1995 - Egyptian SPE Section
Real Time Analysis in matrix Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing.-1993 - GRI - USA
Review on Hydraulic Fracturing Models.-1990- SPE Europe
A techno-economic Feasibility study of Asphaltenes Inhibition Squeeze Treatment - 1998 - SPE
Dispersed Slurries as Wax Control in Gas Condensate Production – 1999 - AICHE
A knowledge Based Approach to Problem Identification in Production Wells - 1992-SPE Europec
Asphaltenes Deposition Monitoring and Removal Treatments: an Experience in Ultra Deep Wells – 1994 - SPE
Optimization of Matrix Stimulation Treatment – 1995 – SPE Egyptian Section Event
Matrix Stimulation: Automation of Treatment Design – 1994 - SPE
Factor for Enhanced Results of Matrix Stimulation Treatment – 1987 - SPE