American Association Petroleum Geologists
    Italian Geological Society
    Gerson Lehrman Group Council

    Lingue Conosciute
    Italian level: Native
    English level: Good
    French level: Good
    Spanish level: Good

    Titoli di Studio e Corsi di Specializzazione
    Master in Structural Geology - University of Pisa, Italy


    Code of Ethics in Business
    Safety on Work Site and Manager’s Responsibility
    Business and Enterprise
    Reading and Understanding a Financial Statement
    Management of Human Resources
    Exploration for Carbonate Reservoirs

    Independent consultant for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.
    Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Councils who provides consulting services and online surveys.
    Training Courses Instructor for ISS International

    Curriculum Accademico

    ''Management of Exploration'' Scuola Superiore E. Mattei (Milan, Italy) 2000
    ''Petroleum Operations'' Petroleum Institute Training Centre of Almaty (Almaty, Kazakhstan) 2001
    ''Economic Evaluation of Development Projects'' Petroleum Engineer Faculty (Quito, Ecuador) 2004
    ''Hydrocarbon LifeCycle'' Eni UK (London) Oct. 2013
    ''Hydrocarbon LifeCycle'' Eni Angola (Luanda) Mar. 2014
    “Basic Oil” Eni Mozambique (Cortemaggiore, Italy) May 2014
    ''Hydrocarbon LifeCycle'' Eni Head Office (Italy) Oct. 2014 two editions
    ''Master in Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbon - MSEPI'' (CGT-Siena University) 2014-2017
    ''Hydrocarbon LifeCycle'' Ministery of Economic Development (Rome) May 2016

    Curriculum Professionale
    Managing Director
    Eni Venezuela B.V. - Eni Dacion B.V. - Eni Trinidad & Tobago B.V.
    January 2010 to December 2011
    Caracas - Venezuela
    Country based manager for E&P activities of Eni in Venezuela (Corocoro oil field, Perla gas field, Junin 5 extra heavy crude block) and in Trinidad & Tobago (NCMA gas fields).

    Managing Director & Chairman of the BoD
    Burren Resources Petroleum Limited
    June 2008 to January 2010
    London - UK
    Development and production of the Burun oil field in Turkmenistan following the activities from the Company London office.

    Managing Director
    Agip Oil Ecuador B.V. - Agip Oleoducto Crudos Pesados B.V
    July 2002 to June 2008
    Quito – Ecuador
    Production operations and reserves optimization of the Villano field, located in the Amazonian province of Pastaza. Development of relationship with local indigenous communities.
    Representing the ownership of Eni in the new pipeline for transportation of heavy crude from Oriente basin to the coast.

    V.President for Exploration, Domestic
    Eni Head Office
    October 1999 to June 2002
    Milan - Italy
    Management of the exploration activity in Italy reorganizing the team structure and applying a strong selection to the projects to reduce budget (-55%) and to achieve results like the oil discovery of Miglianico field and the offshore gas discovery of Panda field in the Sicily Channel.

    Managing Director
    Agip Gabon S.A.
    July 1997 to October 1999
    Port Gentil - Gabon
    Development of the offshore oil field Limande, starting production in 15 months after drilling and testing the appraisal well. Exploration of three deep offshore blocks.

    Project Manager for Exploration in Sicily and surrounding offshore
    Eni Head Office
    August 1994 to July 1997
    Milan / Gela – Italy
    New activity period after years of standby due to permitting difficulties. A modern interpretation of geophysical data was successful for finding new gas reserves in the Gagliano area.
    Three exploration permit application were filed to follow a new theme in the deep offshore of Sicily searching for gas in the Plio-Quaternary clastics.

    Manager of Geodynamic Services Dept.
    Eni Head Office
    January 1994 to July 1997
    Milan – Italy
    Coordination of specialistic services aimed to provide evaluation of exploration areas through structural interpretation of satellite images.

    Deputy General Manager
    Agip Gabon S.A.
    May 1991 to December 1993
    Port Gentil - Gabon
    Exploration activity in three shallow water blocks. Marginal field discovery of Limande. Conduction of active relationship with local authorities to obtain the Limande concession application (1993) kept on hold until its awarding in 1996.

    Team Leader Geological Studies and New Ventures, Italy
    Eni Head Office
    October 1989 to May 1991
    Milan - Italy
    Regional studies aimed to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of Ligurian Apennine and west offshore of Sardinia.

    Chief Geologist
    Agip Africa S.A., Succursale de Tunisie
    November 1985 to October 1989
    Tunis - Tunisia
    Evaluation of the residual hydrocarbon potential of southern Tunisia (Bir Aouine Permit and Permis du Sud). Follow up of the geological and geophysical activity. Company representative with Tunisian State Company for cost recovery agreement negotiations.

    Regional Geologist
    Eni Head Office
    September 1980 to November 1985
    Milan - Italy
    Evaluation of exploration opportunity in Italy focusing frontier targets and new ventures.
    Participation to the study group (1982-1984) created in joint venture with the Rice University (Houston) and Prof. Albert Bally, consultant.
    The result of the study allowed to issue a Northern Apennines Data Book that was used to promote the participation of Shell and BP in a Joint Venture for exploration on ten blocks over the Northern Apennines.

    Sangemini S.p.A.
    May 1979 to August 1980
    Sangemini (TR) – Italy
    Coordination of drilling activities performed by the company team to increase mineral water production for commercial purpose.

    Balanced Sections and Seismic Reflection Profiles across the Central Apennines
    Società Geologica Italiana - Memorie 35° Congresso in Roma - 1986
    Authors: Albert Bally, Renato Gherardoni, Livio Burbi, Calvin Cooper

    The Geology of the Sibillini Mountains from Val d'Ambro to Pescara del Tronto
    Società Geologica Italiana - Memorie 35° Congresso in Roma - 1986
    Authors: Livio Burbi, Calvin Cooper