Cooperation program between the EU Commission and Republic of Uruguay on the sector of semi-precious and ornamental stones: project for territorial planning and environmental safeguard

Country: Uruguay

Starting Date: 1997 - Completion Date: 2000

Project: European Commission

Partener: Direccion de Industria, Energia y Mineria (DINAMIGE) - Uruguay

Project Supervisor: L. Disperati, L. Carmignani.

Subjects: Natural resources - Land administration, Environmental sciences - Urban and regional planning, Earth observation

Project Summar

This project funded by the European Commission and the Republic of Uruguay aimed to the development of sectors related to semiprecious (amethysts) and ornamental stones business and processing. The project was based on the organization and improvement of croos-cutting activities with a territorial planning for the environmental safeguard.

A particular attention was focused on:

  • The inventory and survey of data concerning semiprecious stones (amethysts) and ornamental stones (marbles and granites);

  • The definition of the equipment for the survey and for the acquisition data;

  • The seam localization;

  • The acquisition of geological, mining and environmental data.


The project has produced

  • A map of the deposits and its information through GIS (Geographic Information System);

  • Descriptive files of each deposits;

  • Proposals for the development of cross-cutting activities, transformation and commercialization of the products both in domestic and foreign market;

  • Proposals concerning environmental legislation.