From the past to the present in Ethiopia: an interactive museum for Melka Kunture palaeolithic site (Ethiopia)

Country: Ethiopia

Starting Date: 2006 - Completion Date: 2007

Project: European Union

Project Supervisor: Riccardo Salvini

Subjects: Geo - Information, Natural resources, Earth Observation

Project Summary

The main objective of the project has been the safeguard of Melka Kunture paleolithic site (1.7 - 0.2 Myr b.p.), the creation of a museums on the basis of the results of archaelogical researches realized during the last fourty years and a tourist development of the area. The Centre of GeoTechnologies has collaborated to the project in the Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Remote Sensing field of the study.

The results that has been achieved

The result is the creation of a topographic-archaeological maps at a nominal scale of 1:10,000 in order to constitute the Geographic Information System (GIS). The maps, delivered to the Ethiopian Archaeological Service, has been utilized to propose Melka Kunture as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and to conduct territorial analyses for a better understanding of the relations between human beings and environment in the past. Moreover, the maps are representing a topographic base for the realization of a Web GIS, conceived as the structural base for the navigation in the Internet site of Melka Kunture, available on the net at the address http://geoserver.

The application of the photogrammetric techniques to Gombore II OAM (Open Air Museum) and Symbiro sites, composed by palaeo-surfaces aged at 0.8-0.7 Myr b.p., in order to record archaeological data and to carry out intra-site analyses useful to understand the site formation process.

The setting up of the museum consisting of four buildings situated around the site (in cooperation with the Oromia Culture and Tourism Commission).