Contamination Lab

In 2012, the Ministry for Economic Development launched the Contamination Labs to promote the diffusion of entrepreneurial culture and innovation in higher education courses (Masters, specialization courses, specialization schools, etc.). In 2013 MIUR launched a program for the development of Contamination Labs in universities (“MIUR Start Up Call” – Directorial Decree of 13.03.2013 n. 436).

Contamination Lab (CLab) have arisen in recent years in various universities as places of contamination between students of different disciplines aimed at exposing young people to a stimulating environment for the development of entrepreneurial innovation projects. The aim of the project is to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and doing, as well as interdisciplinarity and the diffusion of new learning models.

CLabs promote the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and new learning models. They are places where ideas and opportunities meet with students’ creativity and entrepreneurial projects, therefore they are to be considered halfway between a university laboratory and a business incubator.
The CLab aims to help students in the development of new project ideas in order to encourage the creation of new businesses already during the course of university studies.