CGT and Companies

The  applied and finalized geological research – one of CGT’s institutional objectives – are obligatory for collaborating with the world of businesses and professions

CGT strengthens the link between its research activities and the production world by means of:

  • an office dedicated to promoting cooperation with the industrial and professional world, the Industrial Liaison Office;
  • the creation of university spin-off companies, consortia between these and established companies and with the coordination of these business structures in a Business Network, the CGT Group;
  • joint laboratories with entities and companies on targeted topics and in strategic sectors (Joint Laboratory);
  • collaborating in the creation of the Business University Incubator of Cavriglia for the promotion of CGT Group companies born as university spin-offs;
  • working with the Masaccio Foundation to strengthen ties with the local business and professional fabric.

The CGT considers it fundamental to strengthen the link between its research and training activities and the world of businesses and professions and offers companies, bodies and professional firms various possibilities for interaction with the CGT.


Human Resources

The CGT provides companies and professional firms with effective solutions to improve the quality and competitiveness of their human resources. The CGT professional training offers companies the opportunity to enrich the skills and qualification of their staff: We train the human resources of your company!


Other Services

  • Business scholarships
  • Technology transfer
  • Interns for your company
  • Conferences and training and business promotion activities


For more information contact the Coordination of Research and Consultancy activities .