Business University Incubator

After the Local Development Pact signed in 2004 by the Tuscany Region and the Province of Arezzo, the Project for the Creation of the Business Incubator of Cavriglia was born, which created the CSII – Service Centre and Business Incubator of the Cavriglia Municipality in the Industrial Area of Bomba from Cavriglia.
The structure, owned by the Municipality of Cavriglia, is aimed at economic, employment and social development in the Valdarno area by supporting the creation of innovative companies, for this purpose the incubator, as well as the logistical infrastructure, wants to be a catalyst for services and activities.

On 2 December 2016 the Municipality of Cavriglia and the University of Siena signed an agreement aimed at defining forms of collaboration in the conduct of the CSII, such that the activities carried out at the same are similar to those of university incubators. Therefore, the new name has been changed to “Service Centre and Business Incubator of the University of Siena in the industrial area of ​​Bomba – CSII Cavriglia” or, in short, “CSII UNISI“.

In the same agreement, the Municipality of Cavriglia and the University of Siena agreed on the opportunity to entrust the management of the CSII UNISI to third-party operators under concession, in accordance with current legislation, or with Legislative Decree no. 50/2016.
Following a regular European tender, management was entrusted to CGT Spinoff Impresa Sociale srl.

The CSII UNISI includes 8 200 square meter industrial warehouses and a Service Centre to support businesses by activating skills and professional resources in relation to specific needs.

The CGT has fully adhered to this initiative that constitutes a great opportunity for students of the masters and doctoral students of the CGT who intend to implement their ideas and projects in a company.

The six manufacturing modules for a total of 1,200 square meters have been assigned for use to the CGT and its university Spin Offs and set up as laboratories for the characterization of materials for carrying out test, research and specialist training activities on soils, rocks, natural building materials and ornamental stones.

This activity starts from the first convention of 2009 among Municipality of Cavriglia, Province and Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo, and University of Siena, having as its object the joint collaboration in:

  • realization of entrepreneurial initiatives from university spin-offs;
  • dissemination of technological know-how developed by university research and training centres to local businesses, in particular those in the industrial area and those incubated;
  • participation in national and European research and development projects.

The CGT Group companies have their operational headquarters at the Incubator, as well ase the Geology, Geotechnics and Geoengineering CrossLab of the Centre for GeoTchnologies. The research and consultancy activities in the sectors of geology, geotechnics and geomorphology applied to engineering. Test Laboratories are available for consultancy and for accompanying to new realities that want to participate in incubation paths and mutual partnership.