CGT Group

The CGT Group is a Business Network (Law 30/07/2010, n. 122) between university spinoff companies that operate in the sector of services for Engineering and Study for the Territory and the Environment that utilise of the know-how of the CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies of University of Siena.

The Business Network, which is based at the Business University Incubator of Cavriglia, to which the CGT has been collaborating for some time, today constitutes the largest concentration of Italian companies operating in the sector of Geology Applications, Territorial Studies and the Environment and its resources. CGT Group is mainly made up of companies born as spin-offs from the University of Siena supported by the many years of experience of the CGT, some Tuscan companies operating in the geological sector and foreign companies to underline the CGT Group’s international vocation.

The most concrete products of the meeting between the CGT and the business world are the following CGT Group companies:


  • CGT Spin Off S.r.l. was born in May 2010 as a spin-off company of the University of Siena, established as S.r.l. among researchers of the CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies. CGT SpinOff S.r.l. aims to translate the ten-year research experience in Applied Geology and Geotechnology of the CGT into a company. His Business Plan had the second prize of the Star Cup of Tuscany – National Innovation Award 2010. CGT SpinOff S.r.l. deals with Geomatics and Geology & Environment.


  • GeoExplorer Impresa sociale S.r.l. is an innovative SME born thanks to the contribution of researchers from the Centre for GeoTechnologies (University of Siena) and the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara) for the commercial exploitation of the gamma scintillator patented by researchers of the three structures. Founded in January 2014 as an academic SpinOff of the University of Siena, from the desire to form an interdisciplinary group to finalise subsoil research more effectively. GeoExplorer Impresa sociale S.r.l. deals with Applied Geophysics, Nuclear Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Archeology and Cultural Heritage.


  • CGT Spinoff Impresa Sociale S.r.l. is a company established among some researchers of the CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies. The company promotes and supports self-entrepreneurial supply chain projects through the management of the Services Centre and University Incubator of Cavriglia. CGT Spinoff Impresa Sociale S.r.l. aims also to encourage the development of new technological forms applied to the protection of the environment and cultural heritage. CGT Spinoff Impresa Sociale S.r.l. deals with Applied Geology, Geotechnics and Geomechanics.


  • CGT Engineering S.r.l. is a company established in 2016 by some researchers from the CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies to cover specific sectors related to applied geological and geomorphological research, geotechnics and geoengineering. The company operates in the field of applied scientific research and development, technological research and the provision of services with high technical and professional content in the field of design, geotechnics and geoengineering. The company provides consultancy on geotechnical monitoring, the execution of surveys, investigations, analyzes, samplings, inspections, prospections, assessments and geological and environmental characterizations in the civil and industrial sector, both public and private. CGT Engineering S.r.l. deals with Design, Applied GeomorphologyGeotechnics and Geoengineering.


The CGT Group  companies make use of the experience of the CGT staff who have carried out over 700 research and consultancy projects in Italy and abroad and the scientific advice of leading personalities from the academic and professional world.

The most important resource of these companies is represented by the technical and scientific preparation of their members. The personnel recruitment policy is based on the selection of motivated and highly trained young people. Constant attention is paid to technical-scientific updating through the involvement of the staff of the companies in the applied research of the Centre for GeoTechnologies and participation in the numerous higher professional and continuing education courses organized by the CGT.


CGT Group companies have two main objectives:

  • enhance the research products of the Centre for GeoTechnologies and encourage their transfer to the production system,
  • to give the students of the CGT’s masters the opportunity to start their professional activity and encourage them to become entrepreneurs themselves.


The CGT that through the CGT Group companies operates in the industrial areas of the Valdarno is undoubtedly a new and positive fact, which testifies to the great capacity of this structure to integrate with the social and productive fabric of the Valdarno.


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