Main Projects

The CGT carries out consultancy and design activities for public bodies and companies both in Italy and abroad, within the framework of contracts and agreements stipulated according to the rules of the University of Siena.

The main projects concern:

Acquisition of data on the physical environment:

  • Geological and geomorphological survey;
  • Analysis of remote sensing images;
  • Geophysical, geotechnical and geochemical investigations.

Design and implementation of geographic databases (GIS) aimed at:

  • Thematic Mapping;
  • Management of geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological data;
  • Territory planning and management;
  • Management of technological networks.

Studies and designs in environmental geology and geoengineering field aimed at:

  • Slope stability;
  • Verification of pollutants and site remediation;
  • Impact assessment and monitoring of major works, and waste disposal plants;
  • Geotechnical and geomechanical tests, soil analysis and special tests on environmental risks.

Distribution of territorial and geo-environmental data by means of:

  • Digital preparation for printing thematic maps;
  • Three-dimensional representations (3D modeling);
  • Network technologies (web-mapping).
Here you can find the main CGT projects: Projects Archive
Other projects are: