CrossLab / Laboratories

The CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies has organized its historical university and business structures in CrossLab: interdisciplinary and integrated laboratories dedicated to geotechnologies.

We list below the CrossLabs present with the relevant laboratories and companies.


Geomatics CrossLab

The CrossLab Geomatica develops geomatics research and consultancy with applications related to remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, GIS, thematic mapping, databases, topography and monitoring systems.
Technical-scientific manager: Claudio Vanneschi
Commercial manager: Altair Pirro


Geophysics and Hydrogeology CrossLab

The CrossLab Geophysics and Hydrogeology develops research and consultancy in the hydrogeological and environmental fields, groudwater numerical modelling, environmental monitoring, remediation design. Taking advantage of the various skills acquired over the years, the staff provides integrated services for geophysical surveys on the surface, in the hole and airborne using cutting-edge equipment that allow the determination of the geophysical parameters of rocks and soils.
Technical-scientific manager: Enrico Guastaldi
Commercial manager: Tommaso Colonna


Geology, Geotechnics and Geoengineering CrossLab

The Geology, Geotechnics and Geoengineering CrossLab develops research and consultancy in the fields of geology, geotechnics and geomorphology applied to engineering. Well equipped testing laboratories allow studies for soils and rocks physical-mechanical properties evaluating as a support for the design of infrastructures and for the enhancement of ornamental stones.

Technical-scientific manager: Filippo Bonciani 
Commercial manager: Assunta Sfalanga