Scientific consultancy and technology transfer to businesses

The development of projects with companies and professional firms has determined a continuous comparison of the CGT’s scientific research with the economic and productive reality. This experience has allowed a better definition of the purposes of the research, guaranteed a more responsive training to the market and the complete self-financing of the structure.

The most concrete products of this meeting between CGT and the business are the following:

Scientific consultancy, services and technology transfer activities for companies performed by CGT mainly concern:

  • acquisition of data on the physical environment, through the integration of traditional survey methods, with analysis and digital processing of digital satellite images and aerial photos, for geological and geothematic cartography producting
  • design of geographic databases (GIS) for territory and its resources elaborating and managing
  • environmental geological studies and designs, for the vulnerability of aquifers assessing, polluted sites remediating, impact of major works assessming on environmental components
  • hydrogeological studies for water resource prospecting and evaluating, hydrogeological modeling, sustainable exploitation determinating, and transport of pollutants numerical modelling
  • prospecting and cultivation plans for deposits of ornamental stones and development of methods of cultivation of ornamental stones and natural building materials and environmental restoration
  • geotechnics and geoengineering, applied to construction and slope stability
  • soil and rocks physical-mechanical parameters determinating
  • distribution of territorial and geo-environmental data by means of three-dimensional representations (3D modeling), network technologies (web-mapping), traditional printing from databases
  • applied geophysics: seismic, geoelectric, magnetometric and GPR methods for environmental monitoring, archaeological investigation, water research, mining research
    preventive archaeological risk assessment for large infrastructures, archaeological survey, drafting of archaeological cartography.

The CGT carries out scientific consultancies about agreements and contracts, according to the administrative rules of the University of Siena. By regulation, all funds coming from these activities are aimed at strengthening the CGT and financing its institutional activities.