Applied, finalised and developing geological researches

CGT’s research activities have always been oriented towards innovation and quality. Through technology transfer, these activities allowed CGT to develop a deep relationship with various economic and productive realities. The needs of the productive, industrial and public administration world have stimulated the CGT’s research to always travel on new and avant-garde fields.

The CGT’s research projects mainly concern the following areas:

  • Geoarchaeology (archaeological risk, archaeological survey, geophysical surveys, GPS survey, intrasite GIS)
  • Geophysics and applied geophysics (geoelectric, seismic, natural radioactivity measurements, georadar)
  • Geology for large infrastructures (tunnels, motorway and airport railway infrastructures)
  • Environmental geology and remediation of contaminated sites (aquifer vulnerability, contaminant flow)
  • Geotechnics and geoengineering (landslide studies, safety measures, foundations)
  • Applied and environmental hydrogeology (water resources management, geostatistics, numerical modelling of flow and transport)
  • Geothematic survey (geological, geomorphological, geomechanical, geopedological, hydrogeological)
  • Geothematic databases (GIS and its diffusion via both the network and printing)
  • Sensing technologies (remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, GPS systems, laser scanning)

For info about the main CGT projects, please consult the CGT’s Projects Archive page.

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