CGT University Accommodation

The CGT University Accommodation is the receptive structure of the CGT reserved for its students, scholarship holders, doctoral candidates, postdoctors, teachers and technicians.

The CGT University Accommodation is made up of 26 apartments and can accommodate up to 130 people. All student apartments are independent, equipped with autonomous utilities and consist of: kitchen / living room with television, refrigerator, dishwasher, electric and microwave oven, furnishings and kitchenware, 2 or 3 double bedrooms with blankets, 2 bathrooms , a veranda with washing machine and a pantry.

The accommodation assignees are responsible for the cleaning and routine maintenance of the apartment and its furnishings.
The accommodation at the CGT University Accommodation (with payment of the utilities only) is free for CGT Masters students, who do not enjoy other economic benefits such as scholarships, vauchers, etc., for the CGT Interns and for the scholarships holders at CGT.

CGT University Accommodation represents the best and cheapest solution not only for scholarship holders, interns and master students, but also for Professional Courses, Short Courses, Certification and Accreditation Courses, and CGT Online Course students. They will be able to take advantage of CGT University Accommodation for shorter periods (from 2 to 20 days) at discounted prices (Guest House Mode). The types of apartments available to CGT University Accommodation are three: apartments for two people, for four and for six,  according to the Regulations.

The classrooms are a stone’s throw from the apartments, this allows to students to maximize the training time without travel costs.

For further information on the services offered by the CGT University Accommodation, contact the Internal Services Office.

CGT University Accommodation