The CGT’s headquarters

Since its establishment in 2002, the CGT Centre for GeoTechnologies has been based in San Giovanni Valdarno in via Vetri Vecchi 34. Since 2011, a second operational headquaters has been opened at the “Service Centre and Business Incubator of the Municipality of Cavriglia”, in the industrial area of Bomba.

San Giovanni Valdarno headquarters

The San Giovanni Valdarno operational headquarters includes the main complex dedicated to research and training, besides the CGT University Campus. All this constitutes a campus with a total area of 12,900 m2.

Cavriglia headquarters

The Cavriglia headquarters are the seat of some laboratories such as the Geotechnical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory and the Rock Mechanics and Natural Building Materials Laboratory. The Centre is collaborating in the development of the Incubator where the CGT Group‘s companies, born as spinoff  of CGT, are hosted.


Other headquarters


“Gaetano Giglia” University Teaching Centre

It is a reception facility located in the Apuan Alps and aimed at:

  • promote preparation in the disciplines of Earth Sciences for which field exercises and didactic excursions constitute an essential training element;
  • develop geological and applied geological research in the Apuan Alps.
Testing field for Geophysics and Geotechnics

It is a few hectares space in the disused lignite mine area of Cavriglia, provided by ENEL company to the Centre for GeoTechnologies for executing in situ tests of Geotechnics and Geophysics.


It is a portion of Valle al Pero Airfield, which is located a few kilometers from the CGT headquarters in Cavriglia, where practical exercises  for the course of Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems are carried out.