The CGT organises post-graduate training and higher professional training, develops targeted, applied and developmental research, as well as scientific advice and technology transfer to businesses.

Training activities concern the following fields:

  • Remote sensing and digital photogrammetry
  • Archeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Economy
  • Applied Geophysics
  • Geology and Environment
  • Oil geology
  • Geotechnics and Geoengineering
  • Environmental Hydrogeology
  • Informatics for Geology
  • Professional and Environmental Legislation
  • Territorial Information Systems
  • Environmental sustainability


Research and scientific consultancy activities are carried out by the following CGT laboratories:


  • Physical-Mechanical Analysis Laboratory of Soils
  • Applied Geophysics Laboratory
  • Geomatics laboratory
  • Applied Geomorphology Laboratory
  • Geotechnology Laboratory for Archeology
  • GIS and Digital Cartography Laboratory
  • Hydrogeology laboratory
  • Applied and Environmental
  • Rock Mechanics Laboratory and building materials
  • Topography laboratory
  • Web Services laboratory and Software Engineering
  • Joint Laboratory for Airborne Researces
  • Joint Laboratory for Structural Geology and Active Seismic