Capacitaciòn y Protecciòn Ambiental en el Cerro Eramòn (Chalatenango – El Salvador)

Country: El Salvador

Clients: Fondation Cordes (Chalatenango)

Project Supervisor: GSF (Geologia Senza Frontiera), Fabio Brogna

Disciplines: Geology, Environmental Hydrogeology

From 2011 until the end of 2012, the Center for GeoTechnologies has been participating, as a technical supporter, to an international cooperation project in El Salvador.


The main purpose of the project was to provide technical tools and competences useful for the local institutions and population of Cerro Eramon, in the Chalatenango region in El Salvador. The CGT technical support was focused on the protection of the environment and improvement of natural resources in order to prevent and diminish all the risks associated with invasive human activities. The activities of the project and the Course Syllabus are managed and developed in collaboration with all the partners involved in the project. The field data collection and data processing activities were conducted for  a hydrogeological survey and for the study of biodiversity.


Course on Environmental Data

First week: lessons in class for studing the local natural ecology, the flora survey sampling methods, thematic maps and data analysis.
Second week: field data collection of fauna and vegetation samples.
Third week: production of a data base, created in a standard and repeatable format, through the collected samples.

Course on Hydrogeological Data

It was addressed one week of theoric course in hydrogeology subject which dealt with the study of physical-chemical parameters and groundwater sampling methods. Then, it was carried out a study on surface water and were collected samples in order to perform chemical analyses at the Center for GeoTechnologies with the support of a spectrophotometer.

GIS Course

Basic course aimed to the production of thematic maps using GIS using all data collected on the field.

Course on Environmental Legislation

The course was dedicated to local technicians, which will draw up the final project report. The report examined the main Salvadorian laws related to the the project goals:

  •  Environmental legislation
  •  Protected areas legislation
  •  Wildlife conservation legislation